Information Security: Top companies ‘leaking data online’

All of the top 350 companies on the London Stock Exchange are unintentionally leaking data – including employee details and sensitive information – online, according to a report.

KPMG’s research claims that the FTSE 350 firms are risking national security and Britain’s economy by leaving themselves open to cyber attacks, fraud, and phishing.

Details including employee’s names and email addresses and internal file location information are being unintentionally leaked, and could be used by hackers.

KPMG head of cyber response Martin Jordan said: “Hacking is no longer about a few hacktivists.

“Now, hacking has become automated on an industrial scale – often with state sponsored agencies behind it – and attackers are aiming for an increased competitive edge by stealing company secrets and IP, or purely seeking financial gain through fraud.”

The report found that the average FTSE 350 company has 41 usernames, 44 email addresses, and five internal file locations available publicly online.

For more on the report, see the KPMG website.

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