Information Security: Kaspersky uncovers nine-year cyber spying campaign

Over 350 high-profile organisations have fallen victim to a nine-year cyber espionage campaign, according to internet security company Kaspersky.

The firm has uncovered evidence that a malware tool called NetTraveler has been used to steal information from governments, research centres, and military contractors.

In the report, Kaspersky said: “This data represents only a small fraction which we managed to see.

“The rest of it had been previously downloaded and deleted from the C&C servers by the hackers.”

The malware is suspected to have been distributed via Microsoft Office email attachments to organisations in 40 countries.

Microsoft has already released patches to remove the vulnerabilities exploited, but Kaspersky says they are still ‘widely used’ for targeted attacks.

For more information you can read the full report on the Kaspersky website.