Former Menshn co-owner hints at legal action against journalist

Louise Mensch’s former business partner has accused technology journalist Milo Yiannopoulos of “manipulating information beyond recognition” after he disclosed lewd private messages.

In a blog post published on his personal website, Luke Bozier goes on a rant against Yiannopoulos (pictured above) – editor of the Kernel online magazine – accusing him of altering the timestamp on an explicit message allegedly sent by Bozier to a 19-yr-old woman, which was later published by Yiannopoulos.

Bozier went on to say that the alteration was “a firm basis for a defamation suit” which would “pay for my summer in Jamaica” before making a reference to London libel lawyers Carter Ruck.

The technology entrepreneur is due to answer police bail on 6th February after being arrested last year on suspicion of downloading and viewing child pornography. A hacker gained access to Bozier’s email account and published what appeared to be details of his internet activities, including pictures of his genitals allegedly sent to women he attempted to meet on the internet, as well as login details for internet forums associated with “jailbait” pornography.

In an interview with the Guardian yesterday, Bozier said: “If you have a picture of a 17-year-old in a bikini you are in possession of child porn, which doesn’t make sense given that our age of consent is 16 and also that the teenage form has been used so much to sell certain products over the years.”

Despite Bozier’s previous public life as an e-campaigns advisor to Tony Blair during his premiership and later as co-founder of the ill-fated Menshn social network, along with ex-Conservative MP Louise Mensch, he insists he is not deserving of scrutiny.

“Am I a public figure? No I am not,” said Bozier, “and I am entitled to send sexually explicit messages to whomever I wish.”

The target of Bozier’s ire, Milo Yiannopoulos, has himself been under fire after his company Sentinel Media was ordered to pay out £16,000 in unpaid wages to a former contributor. It appears that Bozier and Yiannopoulos were friends prior to details of the scandal being revealed.

Commenting on his former friend’s accusations, Yiannopoulos said:

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